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Four-day retreat in Norway 20 – 23 May 2021

Michael Neill – Natasha Swerdloff – Dicken Bettinger

Silent Mind – Beautiful Feeling

Over the course of four days at the beautiful island of Tjøme, Norway – Michael Neill, Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff will be guiding an exploration into experiencing the heart of the Three Principles – the beautiful feeling that comes with a silent mind and offers us access to our innate wisdom, love and a ever-present experience of our spiritual essence.

If you’ve been touched by “the inside-out understanding” and want to go deeper into the experience of Mind, this retreat will allow you to drop out of your concepts of God and spirituality and into the reality of what Syd Banks called “our true nature”.

We will be exploring:

  • What it means to realize the very nature of the 3 Principles
  • How any feeling can orient us toward the nature of the Principles
  • How to increase the depth, purity, and duration of your experience of Divine Mind
  • The incredible practical value of what Syd Banks described as “the ultimate answer to every human problem on earth”

The venue – Eidene Senter

The retreat will take place in the southern part of Norway, at a residential center on the beautiful island of Tjøme, close to the city of Tønsberg. Eidene Senter is situated within a nature reserve consisting of more than 120 acres of forest, shoreline and footpaths. The center is owned by the Norwegian Red Cross and has an excellent kitchen that caters for all kinds of food-considerations (gluten, veggies, allergies…), with modest yet comfortable rooms, and a very pleasant atmosphere.

The rooms have two beds and a bathroom and can be rented as double or single occupancy. A few rooms (in a house of their own) have shared bathrooms in the corridor and can be rented at a lower rate.

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